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it's not a band, - it's an idea

Here is a journey of my life.
These are all my photos, unless stated otherwise
MCR are amazing.
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wat is ur deepest dirtiest desire? ;) <3

thats quite a lot of times my friend, to ask such a deep question.

and my deepest dirtiest desire…? 


On a last note

I want to thank everyone who has been following me within the past two years of me having this blog. I started this when I was 15 hoping it to be something that would capture a part of my life for a short time, even though 2 years sounds rather long I think this is it.
I have decided to move on, start a new blog perhaps and leave everything here behind. I want to thank everyone here especially the kind messages I get because I think that was what really kept me going. (I will still have all my other social medias running linked on my blog)

I think I will come on this blog once in a while, but I think its time I move on and start a new journey elsewhere. “A new adventure” shall I say.

Hey, thanks a lot… for Everything :)

Hi, I didn't know if you were still interested in doing the pen pal thing, but if you are I would love to write you letters as well. I don't currently have a tumblr (trying to stay focused on classes and the like), but I'll send you my email if you are still interested.

Yes I am, please message me when you can

I think there is one thing that I wonder most about when it comes to the people in my school. I wonder who are the kids that smile but are broken inside.