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I would like to further extend my thank you for your reply, it was absolutely perfect. In fact all the artist's you've mentioned Ive been studying in my course for the past few months. Especially looking at Saville, Freud, Schiele and additionally to Michelangelo and Da Vinci. I really enjoy your art work and thank you for the link to your website. I have one last question even though you sort of mentioned this in your previous post- How do you, as an artist, define beauty of the human form?


It’s no problem, I’m just very flattered that my work is appreciated.

That’s a good question I haven’t really been asked before. For me artistic beauty is very different from admiration or attractiveness. There are so many different kinds of beauty for different contexts, at least in my perception of the world. 

As far as art, it becomes a much wider scope of beauty incorporating shapes and shadows and form and pose much more than ideals and attractiveness. I don’t enjoy drawing “pretty”. It’s mainly about a pose which I perceive as telling about a persons emotional self or their private self. Not so much an intimate moment but more a hint of something they might not be aware of but is genuinely them. I know it’s a really old school idea and I’ve read a lot of critics shoot the “capturing the inner life” idea down but I am more drawn to that than conceptual art. Beauty in art for me is the real rawness and emotional awareness we have of the subject. Aesthetically, it’s shapes of bone and flesh and light and dark.

I hope this helps. It’s really a bit of a snake eating it’s own tail kind of thing sometimes. You can go round and round and round as if it’s an intellectual exercise and never find an end answer.

Feel free to ask anything else.



Hi! Im also about to start studying you for my A levels. I actually have some questions I was wondering if you would have the time to answer. 1) Where do you get your inspirations from, any artists in particular? 2) Why do you choose to work with the female nude? 3) Is there a reason that you keep the clothing marks on the models body? (such as the marks left from the bra etc.) Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I can't wait to see other art you produce in the future.


Hey no worries, of course. I’m very flattered that you have chosen my work. You can check out my website which has a few interviews if you need more info. 

My inspiration, I guess, came from school, from Klimt and Schiele initially. I’m not particularly au fait with many artists or the art world and only discovered Frued after a comparison was made between my early works and his by a buyer. I have been compared with jenny Saville and there is a definitely an inspiration there but our styles and mediums are very different. My main inspiration is the body and what it infers in certain poses about the model, that’s what I enjoy. I don’t have a deep and meaningful thesis for my work. I draw what I like to look at and what it conveys to me. Art is purely subjective and every person will have a different reaction to it based on their life experiences, that’s what I love about it.

I work with nudes for a few reasons. I am fascinated by the body; it’s folds and shapes, bone structure and colour. It’s easier to draw skin than it is to draw clothing so I’m a bit lazy there. When I meet people or see people, I don’t see the whole picture but rather facets making up the whole; the diamond shadow on the sides of the nose, the shapes making up the eyes. It’s a beautiful jigsaw puzzle. full of light and shaded patterns. And finally, I find the body beautiful to look at in every aspect.

I chose recently to include the lined bodies because it’s part of a theme I’ve been extending for some time. The rawness of the body as we are in real life, this part of us that is not the presentation to the world but that we all in some form or other share and I find that this is conveyed best with women. Without making it bout glam mags or those kind of things, I feel that parts we choose not to share or not to portray publicly are the most interesting. There is no perfection.

I am self taught and colour blind and not terribly successful at it yet.

I hope this has helped in some way but at the end of the day, it’s what my work means to you and how you resonate with it.

Details into my Art A levels

Just a bit of summary to those who just started following me, I’m currently studying Art in A levels and have just completed my AS 3 months ago. Unfortunately, and this is a pretty sad case, I received a B (a mark off an A) in my AS grade. This is due to many reasons such as my lack in motivation during my coursework in the beginning of the year due to horrible teachers (YES I will blame them as well as myself) and poor analytical writing throughout my book work. However Im going to try to resubmit that this year so I can end A2 with an A*, which I can’t achieve until I get an A in my AS.

Anyways, since I haven’t been using my tumblr so much lately. Ive decided Im going to start posting my most recent work and back track it to some stuff from AS. Would be nice to get some of your responses as to what you think once they’re out. So over the next week they’ll slowly come out one by one.