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Details into my Art A levels

Just a bit of summary to those who just started following me, I’m currently studying Art in A levels and have just completed my AS 3 months ago. Unfortunately, and this is a pretty sad case, I received a B (a mark off an A) in my AS grade. This is due to many reasons such as my lack in motivation during my coursework in the beginning of the year due to horrible teachers (YES I will blame them as well as myself) and poor analytical writing throughout my book work. However Im going to try to resubmit that this year so I can end A2 with an A*, which I can’t achieve until I get an A in my AS.

Anyways, since I haven’t been using my tumblr so much lately. Ive decided Im going to start posting my most recent work and back track it to some stuff from AS. Would be nice to get some of your responses as to what you think once they’re out. So over the next week they’ll slowly come out one by one.